Es kommt ja immer mal wieder vor, dass man im Leben von bösen Geistern heimgesucht wird und man sich müht, diese wieder zu vertreiben. Wem dieses Werk nicht reicht bzw. durch Vaterverlust das Vertrauen gemindert wurde, dem seien hier noch zwei Rezepte verraten:

Black Lamp
(To repel an enemy)

– Crab shell or pumpkin guard and wick
– Pair of bones
– Castor oil
– Pimen chen (a hot pepper, such as a bird’s eye chili pepper)
– Powdered lizard (or an item to represent the enemy)
– Graveyard dirt or dirt from a crossroads
– Red precipitate (red oxide of mercury)
– Soot or powdered charcoal

The black lamp is exercised in order to repel an enemy, remove a disturbing neighbor, or assuage potent evil forces. Agwe is the guardian of the black lamp. Fill a crab shell or pumpkin gourd with the ingredients, then suspend the wick over them using crossed slivers of bone. The ingredients must be refilled every Friday for seven weeks and then thrown in the sea to satiate Ague Spirit of the ocean.)

Für Ungeduldige:

Bottle Lamp
(to exorcise and enemy)

– Bottle and cork
– Whiplash
– Contents of the black lamp

The bottle lamp has the same ingredients as the black lamp, but they should be placed in a bottle rather than a shell or guard. Suspend the wick in the bottle and light it After it has burned for a whole day, blow it out and cork the bottle. Hand the bottle lamp in the yard and whip it every day with a whiplash. The bottle produces the same results as the black lamp, but the process is severely accelerated by the thrashing.